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Investment in Life Settlements

We offer you the opportunity to participate in selected Life Settlements

The most important advantages at a glance

- Significantly higher potential returns, with a risk 

  structure comparable to bonds


- An investment completely independent of stock market

  fluctuations investment


- Contractually guaranteed payments of income

  (insurance benefits) from debtors with high 


- Basic building block in the allocation of an investment


Well-known investors: Swiss pension funds, UBS, Julius Bär, Black Rock, Goldman Sachs, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet), Lombard Odier, Edmond de Rothschild ...


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Life Settlement in the portfolio

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Gebäude im Bau

What is a Life Settlement ?

A life settlement is an investment product in which ownership of a life insurance policy is transferred from the policyholder to a third-party investor, known as a finance company, which purchases the policy from the policyholder. Life settlements provide a secondary market where life insurance policyholders can sell unwanted policies to investors instead of returning the policy to the insurance provider. The transaction is also lucrative for the investor: they purchase the policy at a discount to the sum assured, are registered as the beneficiary in the policy and receive the sum assured when the insured event occurs (= death of the insured).

Are Life Settlements morally questionable ?

No, the opposite is the case. With this investment option, both the investor and the policy seller benefit. The seller receives a fair price for his policy and can significantly improve his personal life situation. Even aid organisations, such as the United Nations or church representatives, have taken a clear position in favour of the secondary market. They see the sale of policies as a sensible way of generating funds to treat and combat serious illnesses.

Explanatory Video (German)

Explanatory Video

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