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Alternative Assets
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Investment in residential property

We offer you the opportunity to participate in exclusive property projects around Lake Zurich.


Together with the Q-Base Capital Group, we issue bonds with which we participate in property projects around Lake Zurich.


We offer the following advantages:


- Stable and fixed returns

- Independent of the world's stock exchanges

- Exclusive distribution rights of a market-dominating

  project supervisor

- Many projects - long product pipeline

- Trust & transparency.


Every property can be viewed in reality


More information ? Please contact us.

Co-operation partner

We participate in property projects with our long-standing cooperation partner. Regionally in the canton of Zurich.

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Gebäude im Bau

Project development

Buy - build/renovate - sell


Our partners with many years of experience and expertise in the property industry develop high-quality residential projects that meet the highest quality standards. The projects demonstrate relentless passion and dedication as they continuously optimise every step of the development process. With an average turnaround time of 33 months, they strive for seamless and efficient realisation to complete projects on time and with the highest quality. As we work closely with our external partners in project development - particularly in the areas of planning and architecture - we benefit from the expertise and creativity of renowned architects and professionals.

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